Using SumAll for Website Analytics

Sep 16

SumAll for the Sum Of All Your Analytics Needs

SumAll is worth including to statistics method and your stats tool-belt. It’s what it promises to be.

Okay, maybe it’s doesn’t solve all your needs. However, it’s worth a demo, particularly because there’s a choice to get a totally free signup!

What MakesĀ SumAll Worth a Look for Website Analytics?

The crucial factor that got my attention was the ability to take statistics out of each and every resource possible.

I love that there’s one place for all data (that’s the essential advertising motto of SumAll). Also, it increases the ease of linking everything.

The site’s large button layout helps it to be simple for even the non-technical person to see statistics on their account.

SumAll is getting noticed…

SumAll might not be as exciting to talk about, but it’s getting serious from major players such asĀ Forbes, Mashable, and Programmable Web, and more.

Why Should I Use SumAll and Put Everything in One Place?

Nowadays, the net functions more as profiles and brands…not just websites.

Almost all websites are incorporating social networking sites into their efforts. Thus, you will want to know who’s “liking” your Facebook fan page in addition to what kind of visitors are seeing your website. You also want to see who’s examining your other social media profiles.

SumAll gives you a single location to manage all of these statistics.


I’ve been utilizing SumAll for a while.

I enjoy how simple effective it can be. They even provide emails daily, offering a summary of the most important stats to me.

Go ahead and give them a try. Let us know how it works for you or feel free to hire our friends at The Optimacy Group if you want to outsource your analytic measurements.

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